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Inspired by ‘Rockabye Baby’, I’ve arranged musical theatre songs (my sister’s favourite style of music) for my nephew to listen to as he falls asleep. This is ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ from Disney’s The Lion King (Music by Elton John).

Yeah if you have a moment I’ve been making lots of tunes and would appreciate some listeners. Don’t feel you have to or anything but if you like discovering new stuff…….

I know times are hard and people are busy but some of them are only 2 minutes in length. Go on!

I am a bonehead.

I had a problem with my computer today and yesterday. The last couple of days it had randomly started sounding the error sound (‘submarine’) constantly. I got it to stop by brushing my hand over all the keys and one will do the trick (I also tried pressing all the keys indivisdually - a different one stopped the noise each time).

Then it just went mental. I thought it was a Firefox problem because I had it open and when I went to Google search and typed in a search term, it started selecting the autofil things for me and finishing off words (so say I typed ‘s’ it would auto fill ‘sky’ so then when I typed the next letter, it makes a new word, so if the next letter is ‘t’ it will already have ‘sky t’ and then autofil the next word ‘sky tesco’ when I wanted to write ‘st’).

When I clicked on the menus (file, edit, view) etc, it just went through all of them round and round again. So when I want to restart the computer and click on the Apple logo, it just went through ‘file, edit, view’ in order round and round and round so I couldn’t even click on any of the options.

When it was going mental I opened Safari to see what would happen and I typed some letters in the Google search bar. It was like I was holding down the letters. So I typed ‘m’ once and it just did ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ until I typed the next letter ‘a’ so then I had ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ and so on. It was like someone was pressing the keys on my keyboard. So weird.

So I thought about it. ‘What have I done to my settings in the last couple of days?’ Absolutely nothing. I couldn’t understand it. The only new thing I had done was wirelessly pair my new bluetooth keyboard to my MacBook but had no problems with it. I decided to check the keyboard anyway. But I was convinced it was a software issue and my Mac was dying. So I walked over to the keyboard on my desk and found a wire sitting over the ‘->’ (right hand arrow) button. Suddenly it all made sense.

I HAD TYPED OUT A QUERY TO APPLE AND WAS ABOUT TO SEND IT. I was just about to reset the PRAM and reset all my keyboard and trackpad settings as well as delete the cache. I’m such a fucking IDIOT.

A question:

I have a MacBook Pro and a stand that it sits on. It’s really nice because it elevates the screen, but typing and using the trackpad are more uncomfortable, so I hardly ever put it on my desk and just sit on my bed with the laptop on my lap. Which I guess is what it was designed for…!

Anyway, I got an Apple Wireless keyboard and it’s so much easier to type on. But I always forget to use it because whenever I need to use the mouse, I have to go to the trackpad on the laptop. I have a £60 Apple voucher and that’s the cost of the Magic Trackpad, but that’s a pretty unexciting thing to spend my money on given that I already have the trackpad on my actual laptop.

My other option is to save the voucher, plus some money I got for my birthday and buy the Cinema Display for my laptop. I should explain that I do not have Thunderbolt on my MacBook Pro as it’s about one model before the ones that had Thurderbolt - so I can’t get the Thunderbolt display as I heard they’re not compatible. This causes another problem because I want the 27 inch display, but if I buy one now and then in a couple of years get a new MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt I won’t be able to use the Cinema Display.


Also I have no idea whether or not to upgrade to Mountain Lion or not. I am running Snow Leopard at the moment, I mainly use pretty popular or Apple apps (Firefox, GarageBand, Spotify, djay, Skype,, Microsoft Office, VLC and QuickTime are probably my most used ones), so I’m guessing most won’t have any compatibility issues. BUT I do use Propellerhead’s Reason (version 6) and I plan to get more music-making software when I start my music technology degree and music is the main reason I have a Mac in the first place. I do also own an iPad and an iPhone so obviously it would be great to have better syncing (especially as Calendar, reminders, notes and iMessage are now available on Mac.

Basically I need a Mac geek to just assess my situation and tell me what the fuck to do because while I’m a geek, I’m not a geek. So I actually secretly have no idea about things unless Google tells me to, but this is too much of a conundrum.